Resources Highlighted

The following resources were showcased in the Twitter campaign. All are available for free reuse on the sites created and run by Oxford's Faculty of English.


Great Writers Inspire


Wilfred Owen biography, Stephanie Fishwick and Stuart Lee:

“The Life and Times of Wilfred Owen” lecture, Peter Bunyan and Chris Cuff:

“Conflict Culture” lecture, Matthew Leonard:

“The Last Phase” Lecture, Max Egremont:

“Collected Poem” text:

“Beyond the Slaughter” conversation, Michael Portillo et al.:

“The Great War: A Brief Sketch” text, Charles Fletcher:



The First World War Poetry Digital Archives


“List of Contents” manuscript:

Letter to Susan Owen, August 1917:

“An Introduction to War Poetry” tutorial:

“Dulce et Decorum Est” manuscript:

“Dulce et Decorum Est” manuscript study tutorial:

R. Thorpe-Tracey interview:

“The Making of an Officer” video:

Letter to Susan Owen, October 1918:

Proceedings of Owen’s medical board:

Letter to Susan Owen, September 1917:

“Exposure” manuscript:

“Exposure” manuscript:

“Over the Top” training video:

“Battle Training” video:

“Battle Training” video:

“Training for Battle” video:

Walter Ernest Clarke interview:

Hydra Editorial manuscript:

Hydra Editorial:

“Arms and the Boy” manuscript:

“Arms and the Boy” manuscript:

John Malcolm Lawrence interview:

“Break of Day in the Trenches” tutorial:

“Stand by the Men” video:

The Hydra advertising supplement:

“Anthem for Doomed Youth” manuscript:

“Anthem for Doomed Youth” manuscript:

Letter to Susan Owen, October 1918:

Forester’s Cottage image:

Sambre Canal image:

Sambre Canal image:

Charles Robert Quinnell interview:

R. Thorpe-Tracey interview:

“Strange Meeting manuscript”:

“Strange Meeting manuscript”:

Edmund Blunden recording:

“Comparing Literature” tutorial:

“To my Brother”:

Sambre battle report:

“Preface” manuscript:

“Disabled” tutorial:

“Disabled” manuscript:

“Disabled” manuscript:

Guide to finding army service records:

Guide to deciphering family photos:

“Artillery barrage” video:

Owen memorial image:

“Remembrance” tutorial:

Owen’s MC citation:

Ceasefire order:

Owen’s grave:

Sambre canal video:


University of Oxford Podcasts


“Wilfred Owen” lecture, Jon Stallworthy:

“Accident or Choice” lecture, Margaret MacMillan:

“Poetry vs History” lecture, Stuart Lee:

“War Poetry” lecture, Mark Rawlinson:

“Commemoration” conversation, Jane Potter and Kate McLoughlin:


World War I Centenary: Continuations and Beginnings


Operation War Diary:

“Sheer”, Tim Watts:

“Wilfred Owen: 60s Poet”, Harry Ricketts:

“The Poetry is in the Pity”, Vincent Trott:

Historic newspapers resource:

“Basket Case”, Christopher Harvie:

WW1 posters:

“The Dying Kiss”, Santanu Das:

“Wilfred Owen and Louis Simpson”, Michael Sarnowski:

“Smile, Smile, Smile”, Douglas Kerr:

“Owen’s Latin”, Elizabeth Vandiver:

“Death on the Eve of Armistice”, Michael Palin:

“Influenza Mortality” chart, Richard Marshall:

“Spanish Influenza Pandemic”, Kenneth Kahn:

“Wilfred Owen: Resonances”, Brigitte Friant-Keller:

“Victorious Donkeys” podcast, Gary Sheffield:

“Postcard from the Front Line of Teaching”, Eleanor Boudreau:

“Slimescapes”, Santanu Das:

“Wilfred Owen and the Modern Elegy”, Emma Suret:

“Wilfred Owen and Carol Ann Duffy”, Marcy Tanter:

“At the Water’s Edge”, Gerald Dawe:

“Wilfred Owen and the Culture of Commemoration”, Eva Zettelmann:

“Memory and History”, Alex Nordlund:

“An Introduction to Teaching Wilfred Owen”, Lucy Freeland: